So………… after leaving the library to come sit in the lobby because people are so damn annoying, I set the alarm off. Being a good person, I had then gone back in to the library to see why this happened. A librarian then comes out.. this is the conversation that seriously just occurred.

Librarian: Was that you ?

Me: (obviously confused) ..yea… I-

Librarian: So you took one of our books from us?

Me: Umm.. no I did not

Librarian: You’re sure? Well then you won’t mind me checking your bag?

Me: (so annoyed at this point) umm.. go ahead.

Librarian: Oh do you have a lap top in your bag?

Me: Yes, I do. Is that what set it off? It’s never done that to me before.

Librarian: Oh yea, it’s programmed to go off if you have a lap top. okay bye

The moral of this story is how can you really accuse me of stealing a library book but know that it has gone off in other situations? Seriously.. because I must look like a book thief. okay. Cool. Done.